DnnC CookieConsent Settings

Description: When set to true, the plugin will refresh the page after a change in consent.
Possible values: false (default) | true

Description: A string denoting which style to use.
Possible values: dark | light | monochrome

Description: The position of the initial consent slide-down notification.
Possible values: top (default) | bottom | push (experimental)

Description: The position of the 'privacy settings' tab.
Possible values: bottom-right (default) | bottom-left | vertical-left | vertical-right

Description: Whether or not the plugin should use SSL (note: you will also need to use our SSL hosted version of the JavaScript and CSS for this option)
Possible values: false (default) | true

Description: Should the plugin use explicit or implied consent.
Supported versions: 1.0.4 or higher
Possible values: explicit (default) | implicit

Description: This option can only be used when ConsentType is set to "implicit". The consent slide-down notification will only be shown once if set to true even if the visitor does not respond to the banner (on subsequent pages, just the privacy settings tab will be shown).
Possible values: false (default) | true

Description: The "Save for all sites"/"Accept for all sites" button can be hidden.
Possible values: false (default) | true

Description: This disables all of the "all sites" features within the plugin. Visitors will have to explicitly give consent on your site.
Possible values: false (default) | true

Description: The privacy tab can be hidden.
Possible values: false (default) | true

Description: The plugin can be forced into test mode, accepting all cookies or declining all cookies (not for production use).
Possible values: false (default) | accept | decline

Description: By default, the plugin will warn the developer if no code blocks are found. This is to aid developers when setting up the plugin, but it can also be normal (e.g. the plugin is added to all pages, but one page of the website doesn't have any cookie setting scripts)
Possible values: false (default) | true
Experimental feature - Use at your own risk
Description: The plugin can be set to only show the banner within the EU. This option requires an API key and must be used in conjunction with IPInfodbKey (below).
Possible values: false (default) | true

Description: In order to tell if the visitor is within the EU, the plugin needs to contact a third party database to locate them based on their IP. For this purpose, Cookie Consent currently only supports IPInfoDB. Before you can use their service, IPInfoDB require that you sign up on their website and obtain an API key which uniquely identifies the location look-ups that your website makes. You can obtain a key (usually free of charge depending on the volume of visitors you receive) from www.ipinfodb.com. When this option is enabled, Cookie Consent will contact IPInfoDB once for each visitor, on their first page view (we then store the visitors location to reduce the number of calls to IPInfoDB). IPInfoDB claim an accuracy of 99.5%. It is important to note that Silktide and Cookie Consent are in no way affiliated with IPInfoDB, and provide no warranty or endorsement of their service. You should carefully read IPInfoDBs terms and conditions and fair usage policies before using their service. This option only works when OnlyShowWithinEU is set to true (above).

The language tags are all localized and can be changes via the DotNetNuke Content Localization page (Admin > Languages : DesktopModules > CookieConsent> App_LocalResources).
All list of all tags that can be localized can be found below with a description of what the tag is used for.

socialDefaultTitle Social media title.
socialDefaultDescription Social media description.
analyticsDefaultTitle Analytics title.
analyticsDefaultDescription Analytics description.
advertisingDefaultTitle Advertising title.
advertisingDefaultDescription Advertising description.
defaultTitle Default cookie title.
defaultDescription Default cookie description.
learnMore Cookie help link text.
closeWindow Close window text.

Slide down notification
notificationTitle Notification title text.
notificationTitleImplicit Notification title text for implicit consent.
customCookie Custom cookie title text.
seeDetails See details link.
seeDetailsImplicit See details link for implicit consent.
hideDetails Hide details link.
allowCookies Allow cookies button.
allowCookiesImplicit Allow cookies button for implicit consent.
allowForAllSites Allow cookies for all sites button.
savePreference Save preference button.
saveForAllSites Save preference for all sites button.

Privacy settings tab
privacySettings Tag text.

Privacy settings dialog
privacySettingsDialogTitleA Privacy dialog title large part.
privacySettingsDialogTitleB Privacy dialog title small part.
privacySettingsDialogSubtitle Privacy dialog subtitle.
changeForAllSitesLink Change settings for all websites link.
preferenceUseGlobal Cookie option - Use global setting.
preferenceConsent Cookie option - I consent.
preferenceDecline Cookie option - I decline.
notUsingCookies No cookies warning.

Global settings dialog
allSitesSettingsDialogTitleA Global dialog title large part.
allSitesSettingsDialogTitleB Global dialog title small part.
allSitesSettingsDialogSubtitle Global dialog subtitle.
backToSiteSettings Back to website settings link.
preferenceAsk Cookie option - Ask me each time.
preferenceAlways Cookie option - Always allow.
preferenceNever Cookie option - Never allow.

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