Installation of the SkinObject

Installation of the SkinObject occurs the same way as any other module in DotNetNuke. There are no additional requirements outside of those that are already required for your DotNetNuke website to function.

Once installed the SkinObject is installed in the DesktopModules folder in you DotNetNuke installation and is configured as a SkinObject in the extensions page of the host settings.

CookieConsent Needs to use a minimum version of JQUERY v1.4.4

If you install CookConsent and see a popup that says:

“Developer: Caution! In order to use Cookie Consent, you need to use jQuery 1.4.4 or higher”

Login in to your site with the “Host” login.
Got to your Host settings:

Host > Host Settings >Advanced Settings and expand the jQuery settings section

The click the “Use Hosted jQuery Version?” checkbox.

Make sure the “Hosted jQuery URL:” is set to:

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